Win With Ruleball

We have received numerous quotes and words of praise from many since the inception of the RULEBALL program. Here are just a few:

"Rich Marazzi's program on baseball rules should be a compulsory course for coaches and players at all levels of organized baseball. Even the most seasoned veterans of the game can glean useful points on the application and interpretation of the Official Baseball Rules that may make a difference in the outcome of a game. And Rich presents it all in an interesting manner citing actual examples from historic games."
- Tal Smith, President, Baseball Operations, Houston Astros
"RULEBALL paid off when Gabe Kapler tore his Achilles and collapsed going around second base after Tony Graffanino had hit a homer. Graffanino alertly stopped in the basepath and the Red Sox invoked rule 5.10(c)(1) that allowed them to insert a pinch-runner for Kapler..."
- Bill Madden, New York Daily News, September 18, 2005
"You always think you're abreast of everything concerning the rules, until you run into a guy like Rich. He gave us solid interpretations. Not everything in the rule book is concrete. We all learned things, and we enjoyed it. Some of the things I picked up could determine whether or not I argue a call."
- Bob Melvin, Manager, Arizona Diamondbacks
"RULEBALL helps teams prepare for unconventional situations that can come up in games."
- The Associated Press, September 16, 2005
"I think you always learn something when you read about the rules. You think you know them all. The examples that were made to talk about the rule were interesting. All the players were very attentive. I think the interference and appeal plays were the most intriguing. Players rely on us to tell them a lot of things. It's our obligation to do that."
- Joe Torre, Manager, Los Angeles Dodgers
"We figure if it has a chance of helping us win one game, or turn around one decision throughout the course of the year, it'll be a great investment. It's just common sense. The more knowledgeable you are about the elements of the game, the more of an advantage you have."
- Theo Epstein, General Manager, Boston Red Sox
"One of the highlights of our 2005 Player Development Seminar was Rich Marazzi's RULEBALL Program. The two-day seminar was clear, concise and thought provoking for me and our staff. Rich's presentation style and skills make the material come alive. We had great discussions and we all learned a great deal. It was time well spent."
- Tim Purpura, Former General Manager, Houston Astros
"There are a lot of things you (players) probably didn't know about. There were things that everybody learned. There are situations when you come into contact with those plays and it's good to know."
- Derek Jeter, Shortstop, New York Yankees
"It was good. I think more guys need to be educated about the rules. Good stuff man!"
- Alex Rodriguez, Third Baseman, New York Yankees
"Imagine the Yankees and the Red Sox in game seven of the American League Championship Series again this season - the game could be decided by which team paid more attention to Rich Marazzi in Spring Training."
- New York Times, March 27, 2005



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