Win With Ruleball

In this fast moving user friendly 65-minute DVD, the rules are simplified with minimal usage of stuffy rule book language. High school and college players are used to simulate a large number of situations including balks that cover NFHS, NCAA and Pro Rules.

Win With Ruleball is the only baseball instructional video of its kind ever produced. It should help umpires by giving them a unique perspective of the baseball rule book by allowing them to view what is being taught players and coaches as to how to take advantage of what the rules allow. Through a multitude of on-the-field simulations, the DVD illustrates various situations that the rule book on any level does not clearly specify in words.

Situations such as obstruction, catcher's interference, the batter's rights and restrictions, batter-runner interference, runner interference, the Infield Fly Rule, "Time Plays," "Appeal Plays," inviting tags, balks and much more are covered.

Win With Ruleball challenges umpires and rules interpreters as to what is the real definition of the baseline?

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