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1. What is the role of a Rules Consultant?
2. What do participating teams get?
3. How much does the program cost?
4. What teams currently use the RULEBALL program?

Q: What is the role of a Rules Consultant?

A: Rich can be viewed as an extra coach on your staff. He will be available on a 24-7 basis throughout the season, if needed. Simply stated, his job is to communicate the rules and serve as a source of reference when needed.

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Q: What do participating teams get?

L-R Rich Marazzi with former D'Backs GM Joe Garagiola Jr. at the D'Backs spring training site in Tucson, Arizona.
A: Rich Marazzzi will visit you at your spring training base or any designated site and will conduct one or two 90 min. workshops or whatever your manager and coaching staff desires. The team will designate the time and place for the presentation. Rich engages the audience by using a video/discussion format. The video is broken down to accent both the offensive and defensive aspects of the rule book.

During the course of the season Rich will be available for consultation at any time through telephone calls, e-mail, or in person when practical. He will also provide periodic reports of interesting plays that occur throughout the major leagues and will be available to assist with protests. Since 2004, "Ruleball" was utilized in two different protests.

Rich's services were used in one game in the middle of the eighth inning during a 2005 contest that led to a victory and a Division title. Rich dealt directly with the team's general manager and dugout personnel by telephone. Since the inception of the program in 2004, Marazzi has been consulted by his affiliated teams several times before, during and after games to help rectify various rules issues.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Contact Rich Marazzi at 203-735-6671 or e-mail him at: for a fair, affordable rate.

Q: What teams currently use the RULEBALL program?

A: The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians and Houston Astros. The Arizona Diamondbacks partnered with the program in 2005.


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