Win With Ruleball

Looking to give your team that extra advantage that many Major League Baseball clubs have already taken advantage of? You've come to the right place! Check out our new DVD video!


RULEBALL is the art of winning baseball games through the knowledge and practical application of the Official Baseball Rules. Rich Marazzi (pictured below), founder of the RULEBALL program, will work hand-in-hand with you to help you gain that competitive edge.

The goal of RULEBALL is to work in partnership with the managers and coaches of an organization to help educate the players on all levels as to how knowledge of the rules can help them win baseball games. The idea of the program is not to make players umpires, nor to show-up umpires, but to teach players in a simplified manner how to apply the rules on the field in game situations. Umpires can benefit from this by viewing the rules from a totally unique perspective whether working under NFHS, NCAA or Pro rules.

The rules are broken down in such a way as to create a defensive and offensive awareness of each rule. RULEBALL will help teams and organizations pay attention to a type of detail that has been ignored for many years.

Learn how RULEBALL can benefit your team today!


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